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Die Room Tools & Supplies

Die Room Tools & Supplies from Wagner.

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Die room tools and supplies are an important element of our product line. We carry an extensive selection of everyday items like Type-Perf and Track, Die Matte Film, T-Nuts, Pins, Fasteners, Kevlar® Gloves and specialized hardware.

Tools include specially-designed mallets, rule pullers, cutters, nicking tools, kerf and counter-cutting router bits, and many more. And we also feature an extensive selection of stripping and blanking products for flat/platen dies like Centerline products, and a wide range of accessories for Rotary Dies as well, like BridgeSavers and LeGards.

And, we don't stand still. We are continually researching, and adding new products to assist die makers improve their productivity. If you don't see something you're looking for call us at 800-423-4478, or by email: sales@wagnerdiesupply.com  We'll do our very best to assist you in finding what you need!

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