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Ejection Materials

Open Cell, Micro Cell, Closed Cell for both Platen & Rotary Applications.

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Ejection materials is a wide-ranging category. Various materials from traditional cork and open cell rubber, to today's high-tech micro cell and closed cell alternatives - all have specific advantages for specific applications. Modern ejectors feature accurate durometer ratings, along with unique rebound and compression characteristics, that make them ideal for today's high speed presses. Wagner carries ejection materials from the industry's best suppliers - a complete line of ejectors for just about any application. Along with all if the latest special profiles, or in sheets and strips, with or without pre-applied pressure sensitive adhesive. Speaking of adhesive, Wagner also carries an exclusive line of ejection rubber adhesives, like Grip N' Strip, our water-based adhesive that holds tight, and strips clean. Also there's our SuperSet line of cyanoacrylate adhesives, available in LV light, MV medium, HV high viscosities - and even in a gel version. Wagner is your best source for a wide selection of ejection materials and specialized adhesives to install them. Contact us today for the latest information.

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