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Creasing Matrix from Channel®.

Creasing Matrix from Channel® from Wagner.

Creasing Matrix from Channel®. Marquee

One of the more challenging aspects of die cutting is creasing. With materials changing and printing processes ever-evolving, getting a great crease can be a chore. Wagner can help, with our extensive line of Channel® matrix products.

From Channel's original metal-based matrix, to today's polyester based matrix styles, Wagner has the correct matrix for just about any creasing project. From folding carton to corrugated, paper to plastics, Wagner has a Channel matrix that provides a crisp, clean crease. Channel has developed a wide variety of matrix, each specialized, and designed for optimum results. Like Plastrix XTC, a complete line of matrix, with sizes and bases from 5mm to 15mm wide, designed for use in corrugated, folding carton, and paper finishing applications. Corrugate, is Channel's dedicated line of matrix designed for use in corrugated applications. Corrugate features a wide 20mm base, in popular channel depths and widths, to provide crisp, defined creases on corrugated stocks. Corrugate U-Bend, makes fold-overs a breeze, with specialized double-scores to accommodate corrugated stocks. Pink is Channel's innovative matrix that allows for easy skiving and sanding. Made from a special plastic called Rosadium®, Pink offers durability and flexibility that's unsurpassed. There is even a phenolic-based matrix, Countamax - which rivals the durability of phenolic routed counters, with the ease and flexibility of matrix. Wagner carries the entire Channel line of quality matrix and creasing products, contact us today for the latest products and information.

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