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Henderson Storage Systems

Store platen dies, rotary dies, plates and ink safely and securely with Henderson.

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Dies are a big investment. The cost to replace worn or damaged components keeps getting more and more expensive. It makes sense to protect your investment in dies by storing them in a Henderson Die Storage System. Henderson racks are designed specifically to store dies, in a safe, secure and easy-to-access manner. They're protected from damage, and decrease press down-time due to damaged dies. Plus, Henderson racks can help you maximize your space usage, they take-up little room, and offer multiple levels for die storage. When more storage capacity is needed, Henderson Racks are easy to add-on to. Available in both platen die and rotary die versions, along with matching transport carts. Henderson also has units for mounted and unmounted printing plate storage, and ink storage racks that can accommodate up to 108 5-gallon pails. Henderson racks integrate easily into any size facility, they assemble easily with basic tools, and offer an extra measure of safety for your staff. All Henderson Storage System products are proudly made in the USA.

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