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Oval and Square Tube Punches

Squeezed Ovals and Square Tubes in various standard sizes...


Wagner tube ovals and square punches are great when a budget square or oval opening is needed. Squeezed then hardened from our standard tube punches, our squeezed ovals come in a variety of stocked sizes from 3/32" x 3/16" all the way to 5/8" x 7/8", in .937". Other heights and sizes are available. These oval punches are squeezed, so they don't have full-radius ends. When full-radius is required, we recommend a milled punch.

Our square tube punches are machined from square stock, and can be ordered in a variety of standard sizes, from 1/4" base x 1/8" cut to 5/8" base to 1/2" cut in .937". Also available with ejector springs. Contact Wagner for more information on these and other top-quality Wagner punches!

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