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Seamless Hanger Punches

Seamless Hanger Punches from Wagner.


Also known as Butterfly, Bat Wings or Sombrero Punches. Wagner Hanger Punches are mandrel bent from seamless steel tubing. They can be ordered individually by part number or in exclusive "matched sets." The cutting edge on these punches is manufactured to a tolerance of ┬▒ .005". Wagner Seamless Hangers are available in .918", .937", 1-1/8" and 1-1/2" heights. All Wagner Hangers feature our exclusive Enduro CBN hardening, the toughest and deepest case hardening in the business. Other heights are available upon request. Wagner Hanger Punches can also be ordered with serrated edges. Ejectors available upon request. Many styles stocked in .937" and other popular heights. Contact us for detailed information and to request a quote.

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