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Standard Self-Cleaning Punches.

Self-Cleaning/side clear in round, serrated, squares and ovals.


Also known as Side Outlet, Side Clear, Self-Stripping, Side Exhaust and Side Feed-Thru punches. Wagner Self-Cleaning Punches are excellent for cutting heavier stock where a standard punch might not be able to eject cleanly. Precision-manufactured for high performance, featuring large exhaust holes for trouble-free stripping. Available in a wide variety of sizes including smaller base sizes for tight quarters. Standard stock heights: .918", .937" - also available in .923", 1", 1-1/8", 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" other sizes available upon request. Can also be ordered with knurled base, or no-turn pins. Serrated and long-bevel serrated are also available. Wagner also features a line of self-cleaning square punches, and self-cleaning ovals in standard height of .937". Square corners, and radius edges for accuracy, Wagner self-cleaning squares and ovals are precisely manufactured for optimum performance and durability. Contact us for more information on this quality line of Wagner Punches.

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