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Feed-Thru Punches

Standard, Heavy Wall, Long Bevel, Ovals and Decimal styles.


Wagner can design and manufacture specialty Feed-Thru Punches for just about any job or specification.

Feed-Thru Punches from Wagner, are designed and precisely manufactured to pick-up waste and feed it through the punch center smoothly. Super-sharp cutting edges, and Enduro CBN hardening ensures smooth accurate cuts, reliable waste removal and durable performance - great for gasket applications. Feed-thrus are also the punch of choice for clicker presses, primarily for short runs, and when cutting into a pad. Wagner Feed-Thrus are available in standard, decimal and in oversized sizes. .937" is the standard height, in a wide range of diameters, from miniatures at 1/32" to over-sized, up to 1-13/32". Feed-Thru Ovals, Long Bevel Feed Thru, Heavy Wall Bored Feed Thru (for cutting thicker materials) and Serrated Feed-Thrus are also available. Contact us today for the latest information on all Feed-Thru Punches - as well as the entire family of quality Wagner Punches!

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