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Wagner Ejection Material Adhesives.

From Grip N' Strip, to the latest in Cyanoacrylate adhesives - SuperSet.


Bonding ejection materials to the die board is fundamental to die  performance. That's why Wagner has developed Grip N' Strip and our SuperSet line of die board adhesives. First there's Grip N' Strip, a  Wagner exclusive and industry standard. Grip 'N Strip applies smoothly, bonds securely. When it comes time to re-rubber, strips cleanly with no scraping and no mess. Non-flammable, Grip N' Strip cleans-up with soap and water.

For 'fast set' applications, Wagner developed a line of specially-formulated "CA" [cyanoacrylate] adhesives called: SuperSet. SuperSet adhesives are designed to securely bond ejectors to die board, and are double-filtered and formulated for die industry use. Available in LV [light viscosity], MV [medium viscosity], and HV [high viscosity], all set-up in as little as 8 seconds. SuperSet is also available in a Gel form, in tubes and cartridges. QT2, SuperSet  Activator for use with all of our SuperSet adhesives - as an option - when super-fast set-up is needed - QT2 cuts set time from 8 seconds to 4 seconds. QT2 is economical and safe to use, applies right onto the die board with a swab applicator. It's efficient and economical, and avoids the over-spray and fumes associated with other spray-on activators.

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