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Wagner's Extractor 2000

The Industry-standard for safe rule pulling - made in the USA.


There are a lot of ways to pull rule from die boards, from pliers to hand pullers, locking pliers, etc... The best and safest way to pull rule, is to use a Wagner Extractor 2000 Rule Puller! First of all, Extractor's unique design keeps hands and fingers away from sharp rule edges,  and it pulls rule straight up, reducing damage to the kerf and any close-by or adjacent elements of the die. The Extractor's unique configuration allows for the use of pins or pads, depending upon the access to the rule being pulled. Wagner Extractors pull rule smoothly, generating hundreds of foot lbs. of pulling force, with the simple movement of the handle. Strong, yet lightweight, Extractor 2000 is easy to use, effective and is made exclusively in the USA - and all parts and accessories are stocked at Wagner and are easy to get. We even have a set of narrow puller jaws, designed to get into the most complex of die layouts! Extractors require little maintenance, and there are thousands in daily use worldwide. Extractor 2000 truly is a standard in safe rule pulling. Don't be fooled by knock-offs and copy-cats, count on genuine Wagner Extractor 2000 for safety, quality and durability.

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