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Henderson Platen Die Storage

For platen dies, stripping jigs and blankers with available transport carts.


Henderson Storage Systems for platen dies provide durable, efficient and secure storage solutions for dies, stripping jigs and blankers. A single unit, using our unique sliding pin design, can store up to 165 dies. All with a footprint of as little as 10' x 4'. Henderson Platen Die Storage Sections come in three styles, 1" spaced T-Sections, 4" spaced "double-L" sections for stripping jigs, and 5.5" spaced "double-L" sections for blankers. Storage sections measure 24" wide x 48" or 60" deep, with custom depths available [for installation on existing warehouse shelving units]. Transport carts feature the same rugged construction as our storage racks, with your choice of storage section. Heavy-duty plywood shelving at the top and bottom allow for handy transportation of other job-related items from storage, to press, and back. Contact us for more information. Our team members will assist you in choosing the best solution for your platen die storage needs.

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