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Cutting Plate Cleaner & Plate Wipes

VOC Exempt, meets MILSPEC PD-680, low NFPA Toxicity 1-2-0.


Cleaning counter plates between runs is essential to fast, reliable makeready and smooth-runs. Plate Cleaner, from Channel is your best choice for a thorough cleaning. Removes adhesive from matrix,  grease and other messes resulting from press runs. Channel's Plate Cleaner cleans effectively without CFCs or Chlorinated ingredients. It has a pleasant fragrance, and leaves counter plates and thin plates clean and residue free. For best results always use a clean, lint-free cloth for cleaning - like Wagner's Plate Wipes - our large, Micro-fiber towels for clean, lint-free and residue free results with Channel's Plate Cleaner. Contact us for information and to order!

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