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XTC/Plastrix 12MM and 15MM matrix.

Polyester based, PVC body in a wide variety of sizes.


XTC/Plastrix 12MM and 15MM by Channel, is the modern version of trusted "XTC" series matrix. It starts with a tough and durable polyester base, add a durable PVC body with a smooth running profile and a high quality adhesive - XTC/Plastrix is great for short and long runs, and can be skived if necessary. Channels advanced locator system means accurate integration onto dies, and finger-lift paper removes cleanly for fast set-ups. Popular channel depths and widths to process a wide variety of stocks, from folding carton to corrugated - even tricky laminated projects. XTC/Plastrix delivers reliable performance on just about any creasing job. Contact us today for more information, and technical assistance on this and other quality matrix from Channel.

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