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Pink Matrix from Channel.

Mylar base with unique Rosadium material - can be skived or sanded.


Pink, from Channel is a unique long-lasting matrix. Polyester based, Pink features a body made from Rosadium. Rosadium is a unique plastic material that is extremely durable, but can be easily skived or sanded to tailor it easily to jobs. Pink's profile is smooth and runs efficiently without adjustment, but the capability to be easily adjusted is a great and flexible feature. Using Channel's advanced locator system and high quality adhesive, with finger-lift paper that makes installation onto the counter a breeze, Pink is a great choice for creasing stocks of all types, from paper, to folding carton to corrugated. Available in a wide variety of sizes, Pink is on a 12MM base, and can also be ordered in Off-Center [O/C] sizes. Contact us for more information on this, and other quality matrix products from Channel.

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