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Corrugate and Corrugate U-Bend Matrix.

Matrix specifically-designed for creasing corrugated materials.


Creasing corrugated stocks poses a unique set of challenges, not only is the material thickness important, so is the "crush" thickness. To properly crease corrugated materials, it's important to relieve the surface tension on the liner, especially when working on projects  that have heavy concentration of ink and/or dark ink colors, or are laminated with a label. Matrix works very effectively in creasing corrugated materials, because of it's inherent design - a channel created by two raised areas on either side. At press, the matrix body gently 'crushes' the medium, on both sides of the crease, thereby  relieving the surface tension on the liner. Corrugate and Corrugate U-Bend, have wider [20MM] polyester bases, giving it more surface area to maximize the effect, and provide additional gentle 'crush' of the medium, needed to allow for crack-free and tension-free creases.

Corrugate U-Bend, is a unique double-channel matrix designed to be used on fold-overs, roll-overs and "U" bends. It helps to create sharp, defined fold-overs with clean, crack-free folds. Both Corrugate and Corrugate U-Bend come in a wide range of sizes, suitable for creasing corrugated of many flute dimensions. Contact Wagner today for more information on these great Channel products.

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