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Countamax matrix.

Phenolic matrix - innovation for when durability is a must.


Phenolic counters are considered by many to be one of the most durable types of counters. Phenolic counters are custom-produced and routed to match a specific box design. Phenolic counters work well, but they can break, or smaller areas wear-out. Then it's required, in most cases, to replace that area of the counter with a new counter - if one is available! Consider Countamax. It's a unique matrix, consisting of one piece of actual reinforced phenolic plastic, with a routed channel. Available in a variety of common channel depths and widths, Countamax can be used to repair a broken or damaged phenolic counter, right on the press! It installs just like matrix, with a locator that attaches to the creasing rule! Rather than wait for a replacement counter to be routed, simply use Countamax.  To replace the damaged area, remove it, then apply Countamax using its precise locator, then its high quality PSA bonds it onto your counterplate, your damaged counter is repaired and your press is running again!

Or, use Countamax for jobs that are longer runs, and those that repeat. Countamax provides the durability of phenolic counters with the ease of using matrix - and you won't have the headaches associated with securing phenolic counters when one breaks mid-run! Contact us today to find out more about Countamax, and other innovative products, at Wagner Die Supply.

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