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Red "Soft C" Profile Rubber.

For creasing difficult to score corrugated stocks.


Matrix is one of the most effective methods of creasing corrugated materials of just about any flute size. The very design of matrix  allows it to reduce surface tension of the corrugated stock's liner, by gently crushing the medium [or fluted layer]. On some projects however, like those laminated with labels, and some with darker colors and/or printed directly on the liner, can be difficult to crease. Cracking or fishtailing can happen at the score. The culprit is normally surface tension on the liner that acts upon the label or printing - causing the score/crease to crack. Normally this happens at folding/gluing stage. That's why Red Soft "C" Rubba [Rubber] was developed - to aid in further reducing surface tension on the liner. Like matrix, Red Soft "C" Rubba gently crushes the medium of the corrugated stock. It does this from the creasing rule side. Red Soft "C" is soft, measuring only 20 on the Shore scale, and it installs on either side of the creasing rule with Wagner SuperSet adhesive. And whether you score from the face or back, you'll get the added benefit of additional surface tension reduction. Red Soft "C" Rubba gently adds crush to the medium, on the creasing rule side, so when it comes to laminated or printed corrugated, the liners are under less tension, so the chances of cracking at the crease are all but eliminated. Contact Wagner today for more information on this, and other innovative products designed to improve your quality, speed and productivity!

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