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Henderson Platen Die Transport Carts

Transport platen dies to and from the press securely and safely.


Getting dies to and from production to storage securely and safely is best done with a specially-designed mode, like Henderson's Plate Die Transport Carts. These unique carts are designed to move dies, stripping jigs, and/or blankers to and from the press. Carts can be ordered with 1" spaced T-Section [holds up to 11 dies], or 4" spaced Bobst Section [holds up to 4 jigs] or 5.5" spaced Bobst Section [holds up to 4 blankers]. Whichever version you choose, Henderson Transport Carts are ruggedly-constructed of TIG-welded steel, and feature: 

  • Rugged all-steel, TIG-welded construction
  • Powder-coated for durability and corrosion resistance
  • Three section styles to choose from
  • Strong plywood shelves at top & bottom to allow for transport of additional tooling, ink and other job related items
  • Heavy-duty casters, with ball-bearings and brakes (front).
  • Assemble easily with basic hand tools.
  • Great for shops implementing Applied Lean Manufacturing - TOW (Things On Wheels) principles.

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