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Henderson 5-gallon Pail Storage Units

Storage for 60 or 108 5-gallon pails - for ink and other materials.


Henderson Ink Storage Units are unique storage units designed to store 5-gallon pails in a secure, safe and compact manner. Two models to choose from, the Standard unit with a footprint of 129" wide x 56" deep, and the Pony unit, with a smaller 80" x 56" footprint. The Pony unit can store up to 60 5-gallon pails, while the Standard unit can hold up to 108 5-gallon pails. Sturdy, reinforced shelves, hold up to 4 pails each on 3 levels of storage. Overall height is 64" so access to the top shelf is easy. Henderson also includes our unique turnbuckle system, which allows the sections of shelves to be adjusted for tension independently, that way the shelves stay tight against the lateral beams. All steel construction, powder-coated for durability and corrosion resistance. Assembles easily with basic tools.

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