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Serrated Rotary Tube Punches

Serrated Tube & Inside-Bevel-Inside-Serrated Punches for RotaryDies.


Wagner rotary punches cut cleaner and strip easier with less pressure!

Wagner Serrated Rotary Tube Punches feature a Center Inside Bevel. Available in standard heights of .970, .990, 1"┬Ł and 1.023", Wagner's Serrated Rotary Tube Punches have a scalloped cutting edge for accurate cuts with reduced pressure. These punches are manufactured to extremely close tolerances resulting in a high quality edge, that produce clean cuts and reliable stripping. Then, Wagner's exclusive Enduro CBN hardening process, provides the deepest case hardening in the business. That adds-up to unsurpassed accuracy, durability and toughness.
Wagner offers a full-line of serrated punches for rotary press operations, from traditional rotary punches with center bevel or inside bevels, to inside bevel relieved serrated punches. Contact us for information on these and other quality punches from Wagner Die Supply!

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