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KRUSE Ejectors from Monroe

Low compression force with advanced pressure relief.


KRUSE, Monroe's newest ejector, stands for Kwik - Response - Ultra - Soft - Ejector. And it does just what it says, a quick responding, ultra-low compression ejector designed to be used in product areas, where minimal ejecting force is ideal. KRUSE ejects with low pressure, and very rapidly - minimizing the chance of any damage to the product areas. And since KRUSE is a micro-cell ejector, it isn't as susceptible to dust, moisture and heat - it lasts longer on your dies! KRUSE is available in black, in regular or PSA, in sheets, pads, strips and blocks. Also available in Monroe Custom Profiles. Use KRUSE on both Flat and Rotary Die applications, anywhere a low pressure and fast reacting ejectors are needed. Perfect for use on Baysek dies, as well as balance (stabilization) rubber and pull bands. Call or email Wagner today, for more information on KRUSE Ejectors from Monroe!